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Advanced project management, labour management, ongoing skills and knowledge training, established trade connections, and efficiency. Lastly, we bring it all together with technology.


Botan is a construction and project management company that specializes in sustainable construction practices. It is a green construction company in the strictest of terms, implementing sustainable practices in our daily operations and through our work. We build high quality buildings that are more durable, smarter, brighter, conserve water, power and fuel. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the latest in high performance building methods, materials and systems for a more comfortable living and working experience, meanwhile affording a better future for us all.

Established in 2004, Botan continues to serve the Ottawa region with construction and renovation services. We assist home owners, business, institutions and municipalities with their construction needs.

What makes us green?

* We are obsessed with efficiency. We each worker is connected to us with their own iPad through our custom created workflow and management software. We use this to manage our crews, schedule, monitor and track quality assurance, and track the hundreds of details on a site specific basis. We know exactly where everyone, and everything is and this helps us reduce lag times all around.

* We organize our sites with storage to encourage our workers to drive compact vehicles. For bulk hauling, our late model trucks use only biodiesel.

    * We have implemented our own waste management policy and have effectively reduced the amount of waste that typically goes to landfill. In 2010 we managed to recycle over %72 of our waste in collaboration with the Thomlinson Waste Group Construction Debris Recycling Program.

      * Our office is powered by Bullfrog Power, which supplies 100% green electricity to our office through the use of wind, solar, and non evasive hydro.

        * We use a paperless office. Essentially all of our paperwork has been eliminated with the use of electronic correspondence, online documentation systems for our job sites, paperless quotations and invoicing etc.

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        Address | 115 Scrivens Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2B 6H3
        Telephone | 613-265-8505
        Fax | 613-822-5411
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        Hours | 8am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
        *Evenings and weekends by appointment

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